LetsGoApp! Let the APP 100% move to SD card or USB OTG. Use Introduction!

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Android 4.1 up! How to let the APP 100% move to MicroSD or USB OTG device by LetsGoApp?




Declaration:This teaching supply to Android 4.1 above devices with reference from LetsGoApp's website
Attention: You create your MicroSD partition must be carefully ! The MicroSD have write times life,if you over-write it。
Whether MicroSD or OTG,it's strongly recommended to choose SanDisk(High Stability)
Other brands may be formatted in EXT3/EXT4 after the end of the fault。


Because of the way the change management program on Android 4.0.x,in the past,a convenient APP-APP2SD has been unable to run。
As Link2SD, although App can be moved to the MicroSD,but to choose the APP is limited(Not all can be move)。
On the other hand,Link2SD only can move the /data/app and /data/dalvik-cache these folders within the APP,but not all App's data


LetsGoApp is generated using mirroring source on desktop shortcut,when the APP is moving to a MicroSD,the Android system will rest a link icon。
Because it is a linked icon,It takes up very little space(just like as Windows Desktop's Icon 2~5kb),it is really to storage in the MicroSD to executing。
In addition,the LetsGoApp has more powerful functions is:
1. APP can copy back to Phone ROM through LetsGoApp。
2. LetsGoApp can move the APP to the MicroSD or USB OTG,that You will not use the Phone ROM。
3. Direct to mount 2nd Partition-EXT3 or EXT4。


Through LetsGoApp, the APP still can update/uninstall from Play Store。And just need to click create the link or remove the link,that you can easily move between the ROM and external MicroSD。


You don't need high speed memory card,I just use for general(recommend CLASS 4 above),and there is no any compatibility problems。
Have been tested MicroSD: Transcend 16G、Kingston 16G、SanDisk 8G.
                         OTG: Transcend 32G、Kingston 32G、SONY 32G、SanDisk 32G.
Actually!Whether the memory card or OTG recommend to SanDisk and SONY 。
Other brands failure rate is too high,that maybe fault after formatting。








1. The Phone/Tablet had been ROOT,and support Memory Card or OTG connect function。

2. Get a MicroSD and then create 2 partitions。The 1st partition is FAT32、the 2nd partition is EXT3/EXT4,and set Avtice at 2nd partition(example:32GB)。
3. A PC for Windows OS。






4. A memory card reader for MicroSD(the USB OTG can connect computer)。



Get a MicroSD card : Create/Format partitions:


1. I have to reset the MicroSD and create 2 partitions(1st-FAT32、2nd-EXT3/EXT4) to let the phone to mounting it like as internal ROM,so….






download EaseUS Partition Master Free (Pressing Here Get Download)and install it by computer。


P.S: If you choose EXT4 please download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition,because the usage are the same,that I am not otherwise specified!






2. Make sure connected the MicroSD,and executing EaseUS Partition Master to Create Partition :

be careful to make sure what the MicroSD ID is yours!do not click to wrong target such as Hard Disk(C: or D:)



Creating FAT3 for 1st partition and create as : Primary。As for FAT32 size decide yourself,and then click OK。
(The 1st partition-FAT32 could create it bigger to use . such as:photos、movies)



Creating as Primary and EXT3 for the remaining space,and click OK !


Right-click and set Active for 2nd-partition EXT3,and then Apply it :format EXT3 need more time,and waiting! After finished,take the memory card  connect the phone。








Install APP – BusyBOX :
P.S : If the storage device is OTG,that you have to installing one more APP – USB OTG Helper by here http://www.letsgoapp.net/?cat=28


Installing/Executing BusyBOX by Google play Store。




Install LetsGoApp :

1. Installing LetsGoApp by Play Store。https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tseng.lets.go.app


Introduction UI :

1. Main.

2. Vice-Spinner Showing. 

3. Menu by menu button. 

Finally,all of the above steps results will be presented on the 4. App list



2. Press the "Menu" key select "Mount SD card 2nd partition" and follow the instructions to reboot again. 

If you mount ext3 patition not reboot by LetsGoApp  for MicroSD ,Please use Hot reboot


If the EXT3 partition can not to be hang it up,temporarily use the APP-LINK2SD mount EXT3 partition



The APP – OfficeSuite Pro for example : click vice spinner – ROM,and to show all APP of phone。Find OfficeSuite Pro from the APP's list,and then click it once,the move order will be start to moving to MicroSD。(Does not recommend moving the system built-in program)。


After finished,click vice spinner – SD,there is a APP – OfficeSuite Pro has been copyed into the MicroSD。Why I said "COPY", because the sources APP –  OfficeSuite Pro still has within the phone's Rom(Back to ROM,that you can see it)。So now,I have to delete the sources APP –  OfficeSuite Pro of ROM,and then Linking it from MicroSD。Finished above steps,this is a complete process。


For details please see the following my steps :


First of all,click OfficeSuite Pro,and then choose Remove。You can go back to the ROM to make sure,when you remove it has been finished。


Click OfficeSuite Pro again,you will find the remind message just is not the same with before。The before is : " Excute、Remove、Cancel ",  but now is : " Install、Remove、Cancel "。

Now! I click " Install " to let the APP of MicroSD to be link with Android。


Then will remind : Link source from ?  Of course is SD card,my goal is to save space on my phone, the APP is stored on the SD card to perform。 



You will get message to remind you need to quick reboot(Hot Reboot) once,after the linking is completed。If you have many APPs need to link,you can first press Cancel,and then repeat above steps after all the moving was complete,finally to quick reboot it once,it will save time and has efficiency



After rebooting, LetsGoApp can auto run and list Apps Menu。If you did not mount SD card,relative ! the APP's icon will Gray,because the APP was disappeared。




You can click Setting -> Storage and check.

You can discovery , Your phone's ROM is saved.




You can run App through LetsGoApp.

OfficeSuite Pro is easy to run.




Let APP install to ROM from the MicroSD or USB OTG:

Example,there are some APPs,that I want to use。LetsGoApp can installation directly from SD card copy back to my phone's ROM ,the function can sharing among users。Users can choose the APP of the OTG or MicroSD, and move App to the phone’s ROM.

In other words, LetsGoApp can move and execute APP between OTG/MicroSD and phone’s ROM. There are more choices, You can move APP from phone’s ROM to the other external storage

Now example for Candy Crush within MicroSD to pressing “Install



Click the button “ ROM “,and you can move the APP to the phone’s internal storage " ROM "



After moved, the system need be reboot once





Removing MicroSD after reboot, the Candy Crush can be execute from phone's ROM,and there is not any different to download from Play Store




Emancipation Your Phone Space,And Enjoy It ~~~!!



Above steps looks like a lot more。Actually!It is very simpleI just hope that described in detail has been enough,so writed some more。

Thank you for watching


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(C):安裝BusyBox APP(PLAY商店)、USB OTG Helper

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至Play商店依序安裝BusyBOX、USB OTG Helper,其中尤以BusyBOX為必需安裝,安裝是否完成可檢視/system/xbin路徑下檔案是否超過4個以上,如HTC未S-OFF時,/system/xbin路徑下檔案會自動被刪除,而另外兩種則是依使用者選擇要使用MicroSD卡或USB OTG來決定是否需要安裝,使用MicroSD卡用LetsGoApp內建功能即可、OTG則安裝USB OTG Helper,建議都安裝以求方便。

注意: 基於完美使用LetsGoApp,請安裝由我們提供的 USB OTG Helper來作為使用,不要使用Google Play商店所提供之下載。 USB OTG Helper為原開發作者所提供之開源軟體,本團隊已知會原開發者下針對LetsGoApp而略作修正並使用,所有版權皆屬原開發者所有。
USB OTG Helper下載地址:http://www.letsgoapp.net/?p=241


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提醒: 請先至相關下載安裝由本團隊提供之USB OTG Helper以確保後續步驟順利執行。

1. 執行USB OTG Helper,並點選MOUNT掛載OTG裝置,掛載成功後會看到畫面提示已掛載2個磁碟裝置(如圖紅線處),如果只有掛載1個裝置請先重啟手機後再掛載。

2.副選單點選手機ROM列出裝置中欲搬移到OTG的App清單,並點選搬移目標(以Candy Crush Saga為例)。

3.副選單切換至OTG,接著點選 “ 移除 ”。

 注意:此移除功能並非移除剛剛搬移至OTG的Candy Crush,而是將手機上原始的Candy Crush刪除

4.再次點擊Candy Crush並安裝。

注意:此動作是將OTG內的Candy Crush建立捷徑至手機桌面,並非複製遊戲程式至手機內存空間。


6.快速重啟後,Candy Crush可在LetsGoApp內或是在手機Apps選單內直接執行,相對的如果沒有掛載OTG儲存裝置,在應用程式管理員內就只能看到該捷徑。


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LetsGoApp Play 商店下載


LetsGoApp APK主程式 v2.0 SELinux關閉版 (2017/09/28更新):




EXT3請用Partition Master免費版:

EXT4請用Mini Tool免費版:

USB OTG Helper APK主程式 v6.6.1 (2014/10/23更新):




LetsGoApp User Guide(English-PDF):

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LetsGoApp Manager 中、英文版:

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CentOS 6 安裝映像檔:

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LetsGoApp Manager使用指南(中、英文 – PDF):

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