LetsGoApp! Let the APP 100% move to SD card or USB OTG. Use Introduction!

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Android 4.1 up! How to let the APP 100% move to MicroSD or USB OTG device by LetsGoApp?




Declaration:This teaching supply to Android 4.1 above devices with reference from LetsGoApp's website
Attention: You create your MicroSD partition must be carefully ! The MicroSD have write times life,if you over-write it。
Whether MicroSD or OTG,it's strongly recommended to choose SanDisk(High Stability)
Other brands may be formatted in EXT3/EXT4 after the end of the fault。


Because of the way the change management program on Android 4.0.x,in the past,a convenient APP-APP2SD has been unable to run。
As Link2SD, although App can be moved to the MicroSD,but to choose the APP is limited(Not all can be move)。
On the other hand,Link2SD only can move the /data/app and /data/dalvik-cache these folders within the APP,but not all App's data


LetsGoApp is generated using mirroring source on desktop shortcut,when the APP is moving to a MicroSD,the Android system will rest a link icon。
Because it is a linked icon,It takes up very little space(just like as Windows Desktop's Icon 2~5kb),it is really to storage in the MicroSD to executing。
In addition,the LetsGoApp has more powerful functions is:
1. APP can copy back to Phone ROM through LetsGoApp。
2. LetsGoApp can move the APP to the MicroSD or USB OTG,that You will not use the Phone ROM。
3. Direct to mount 2nd Partition-EXT3 or EXT4。


Through LetsGoApp, the APP still can update/uninstall from Play Store。And just need to click create the link or remove the link,that you can easily move between the ROM and external MicroSD。


You don't need high speed memory card,I just use for general(recommend CLASS 4 above),and there is no any compatibility problems。
Have been tested MicroSD: Transcend 16G、Kingston 16G、SanDisk 8G.
                         OTG: Transcend 32G、Kingston 32G、SONY 32G、SanDisk 32G.
Actually!Whether the memory card or OTG recommend to SanDisk and SONY 。
Other brands failure rate is too high,that maybe fault after formatting。








1. The Phone/Tablet had been ROOT,and support Memory Card or OTG connect function。

2. Get a MicroSD and then create 2 partitions。The 1st partition is FAT32、the 2nd partition is EXT3/EXT4,and set Avtice at 2nd partition(example:32GB)。
3. A PC for Windows OS。






4. A memory card reader for MicroSD(the USB OTG can connect computer)。



Get a MicroSD card : Create/Format partitions:


1. I have to reset the MicroSD and create 2 partitions(1st-FAT32、2nd-EXT3/EXT4) to let the phone to mounting it like as internal ROM,so….






download EaseUS Partition Master Free (Pressing Here Get Download)and install it by computer。


P.S: If you choose EXT4 please download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition,because the usage are the same,that I am not otherwise specified!






2. Make sure connected the MicroSD,and executing EaseUS Partition Master to Create Partition :

be careful to make sure what the MicroSD ID is yours!do not click to wrong target such as Hard Disk(C: or D:)



Creating FAT3 for 1st partition and create as : Primary。As for FAT32 size decide yourself,and then click OK。
(The 1st partition-FAT32 could create it bigger to use . such as:photos、movies)



Creating as Primary and EXT3 for the remaining space,and click OK !


Right-click and set Active for 2nd-partition EXT3,and then Apply it :format EXT3 need more time,and waiting! After finished,take the memory card  connect the phone。








Install APP – BusyBOX :
P.S : If the storage device is OTG,that you have to installing one more APP – USB OTG Helper by here http://www.letsgoapp.net/?cat=28


Installing/Executing BusyBOX by Google play Store。




Install LetsGoApp :

1. Installing LetsGoApp by Play Store。https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tseng.lets.go.app


Introduction UI :

1. Main.

2. Vice-Spinner Showing. 

3. Menu by menu button. 

Finally,all of the above steps results will be presented on the 4. App list



2. Press the "Menu" key select "Mount SD card 2nd partition" and follow the instructions to reboot again. 

If you mount ext3 patition not reboot by LetsGoApp  for MicroSD ,Please use Hot reboot


If the EXT3 partition can not to be hang it up,temporarily use the APP-LINK2SD mount EXT3 partition



The APP – OfficeSuite Pro for example : click vice spinner – ROM,and to show all APP of phone。Find OfficeSuite Pro from the APP's list,and then click it once,the move order will be start to moving to MicroSD。(Does not recommend moving the system built-in program)。


After finished,click vice spinner – SD,there is a APP – OfficeSuite Pro has been copyed into the MicroSD。Why I said "COPY", because the sources APP –  OfficeSuite Pro still has within the phone's Rom(Back to ROM,that you can see it)。So now,I have to delete the sources APP –  OfficeSuite Pro of ROM,and then Linking it from MicroSD。Finished above steps,this is a complete process。


For details please see the following my steps :


First of all,click OfficeSuite Pro,and then choose Remove。You can go back to the ROM to make sure,when you remove it has been finished。


Click OfficeSuite Pro again,you will find the remind message just is not the same with before。The before is : " Excute、Remove、Cancel ",  but now is : " Install、Remove、Cancel "。

Now! I click " Install " to let the APP of MicroSD to be link with Android。


Then will remind : Link source from ?  Of course is SD card,my goal is to save space on my phone, the APP is stored on the SD card to perform。 



You will get message to remind you need to quick reboot(Hot Reboot) once,after the linking is completed。If you have many APPs need to link,you can first press Cancel,and then repeat above steps after all the moving was complete,finally to quick reboot it once,it will save time and has efficiency



After rebooting, LetsGoApp can auto run and list Apps Menu。If you did not mount SD card,relative ! the APP's icon will Gray,because the APP was disappeared。




You can click Setting -> Storage and check.

You can discovery , Your phone's ROM is saved.




You can run App through LetsGoApp.

OfficeSuite Pro is easy to run.




Let APP install to ROM from the MicroSD or USB OTG:

Example,there are some APPs,that I want to use。LetsGoApp can installation directly from SD card copy back to my phone's ROM ,the function can sharing among users。Users can choose the APP of the OTG or MicroSD, and move App to the phone’s ROM.

In other words, LetsGoApp can move and execute APP between OTG/MicroSD and phone’s ROM. There are more choices, You can move APP from phone’s ROM to the other external storage

Now example for Candy Crush within MicroSD to pressing “Install



Click the button “ ROM “,and you can move the APP to the phone’s internal storage " ROM "



After moved, the system need be reboot once





Removing MicroSD after reboot, the Candy Crush can be execute from phone's ROM,and there is not any different to download from Play Store




Emancipation Your Phone Space,And Enjoy It ~~~!!



Above steps looks like a lot more。Actually!It is very simpleI just hope that described in detail has been enough,so writed some more。

Thank you for watching


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Android 4.1以上 如何把程式100%移到外部儲存裝置SD卡or USB OTG實作過程 – LetsGoApp

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Android 4.1以上 如何把程式100%移到外部儲存裝置SD卡or USB OTG實作過程 – LetsGoApp

LetsGoApp Play商店下載
USG OTG Helper V6.6.1載點
磁碟分割工具-EaseUS Partition Master載點

本教學只適用Android 4.1以上設備。
不論是MicroSD記憶卡或OTG,強烈建議使用 SanDisk(耐用度高),其他品牌有可能一格式化EXT3 4格式就壞掉。


Android 4.0.x 由於管理程式和資料的方式改變,以往好用的APP2SD 在4.0.X已無法使用,讓許多平版和手機空有記憶卡而無用武之地,内部儲存空間爆滿,而記憶卡卻還是空的。


LetsGoApp 它是利用類似鏡像來源,捷徑生成的方式來達成,把檔案搬到掛載的記憶卡中,在Android系統上只留下一個連結捷徑。
更強大的是 :
1. 可以從SD卡和OTG上搬移App儲存回至手機上
2. 只要透過LetsGoApp搬移App到記憶卡/OTG上,你可以隨意更換手機使用這些App。
3. 直接掛載EXT 3/4第二分割區


已測過的記憶卡品牌: Transcend 16G, Kingston 16G, Sandisk 8G. OTG品牌: Transcend 32G, Kingston 32G, Sony 32G, Sandisk 32G.這樣的做法比"偷天換日",原本的內建儲存空間一樣可以使用,不會有空間浪費的問題。




不用去買高速的記憶卡,我用的只是一般的卡(推薦至少用到CLASS 4的SD卡),沒有任何相容性的問題。

整體上不論是記憶卡還是OTG都推薦以Sandisk, Sony為首要推薦. 其餘品牌故障率太高, 可能一格式化就壞掉,應該是寫入次數耐用度沒有這麼好,使用1~2個月就開始發生無法掛載的現象, 而Sandisk/Sony至今還存活得好好。






1. 手機/平板 已經ROOT,擁有最高使用者權限的平版或手機並且可插記憶卡或有支援OTG。

2. 一片正常的MicroSD記憶卡,用來建立2個分割區。第一分區FAT32、第二分區EXT3並設定為Avtice活動分區 (8GB -32GB 太小就無意義了) 本篇拿 32GB來實驗。

3. 一部執行WINDOWS的電腦或筆電 XP , Win 7。


4. 一個讀卡機可以讀取MicroSD記憶卡(OTG可直接透過USB連接電腦)。



準備MicroSD記憶卡 : 創建/分割磁區:


1. 我們必須重新分割記憶卡的磁區,造出另一個主要磁碟分割區。讓手機掛載使用,如同內部儲存空間。




下載 磁碟分割管理程式,到電腦安裝 EaseUS Partition Master Free : 按Download下載


P.S: 要切割EXT4請使用 MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition , 使用方法跟以下大同小異, 因此不再詳述!


2. 裝好後,把記憶卡用讀卡機接到電腦,先自行備份SD卡資料,再打開 EaseUS Partition Master:


確認點選讀卡機上的SD記憶卡 :小心別點到你的硬碟代號如 C: D: !! 點 Create partition :



我是直接對半切割15GB給記憶卡當外部記憶卡,15GB拿來給手機裝程式,在Partition size輸入15000: 按OK 



這8G在windows中讀不到! (可依實際需求,自行調整分割區大小,建議可以把第一分割區留大些給手機存放個人檔案使用.例如照片,影片)



接著將剩餘空間全部建立為Primary、EXT3,完成後按下OK !
在 Create As 選 Primary (主要分割區),File Sysyem 選 Ext3 : 按 OK :
警告: 一定要選主要分割區 Primary ! 此新建分割區資料在windows系統中將無法被讀取。



檢查 2個分割區都是Primary ,檔案系統也正確,分割區大小也對,在EXT3磁區上按右鍵點擊 Set active,按左上角 Apply (套用變更):
EaseUS Partition Master 會開始作業建立和格式化記憶卡,EXT3格式化稍久,耐心等候它完成後! 把記憶卡插回手機。





安裝BusyBOX :
BusyBOX可以把一些linux的指令集安裝到android底下的軟體,那安裝這個有什用呢?? 有很多強大的軟體,你沒有安裝BusyBox的指令集,就無法正常執行它!!又或者是可執行,但功能不完全!! 會用到BusyBox的指令集的有:鈦備份、幸福解鎖器等功能強大的軟體!! 你就把它想成一種擴充套件就行了,就像你瀏覽網頁,你沒安裝flash套件,那麼有些flash的圖片或遊戲就無法正常顯示或執行!!





如果是用OTG,則需另外安裝 USB OTG Helper作為掛載OTG的工具。



到Google Play商店 : 搜尋並 安裝/執行 BusyBOX



1. 到Google Play商店 : 搜尋並 安裝/執行 LetsGoApp。

LetsGoApp界面主要分為4個項目:副下拉選單是用來切換“ 手機內存ROM、MicroSD卡、OTG ” 所用。





2. 打開LetsGoApp,第一次執行請先按照指示掛載MicroSD卡EXT3分區。



按下手機上的實體 “ Menu鍵 " 選擇 “ 掛載SD卡第二分割區 " 並依照指示重開機一次。




副選單點選手機ROM列出手機中所有的程式,我以付費App – OfficeSuite Pro為例,上下滑動清單找到OfficeSuite Pro後點擊一下就會開始搬移到MicroSD記憶卡(不建議搬動系統內建的程式)。


搬移完成後,點擊副選單切換回SD卡就會看到Office Pro已經被複製一份過來了,為什麼我說複製呢? 因為現在手機ROM裡面其實是還有一個Office Pro(副選單切換回到手機ROM就可以看到),所以我現在要把手機ROM裡面那個原始的程式給刪除掉,刪除後再把MicroSD卡裡面的Office Pro與系統建立連結,這樣才算是一個完整的流程


首先點擊OfficeSuite Pro然後選擇移除,完成後你可以回到手機ROM檢查確定已經被刪除了。


再點擊一次OfficeSuite Pro,會發現到訊息視窗跟剛剛不太一樣。原本是"執行、移除、取消"  、  現在是變成"安裝、移除、取消"。



接著會問 : 安裝連結來源 ?  當然我現在是要選擇SD卡了,因為我的目的就是要節省手機空間,讓App儲存在SD卡上執行。 





快速重啟後,OfficeSuite Pro已經可以在LetsGoApp內或是在手機的Apps選單內直接執行了,相對的如果沒有掛載SD卡儲存裝置,在應用程式管理員內就只能看到遊戲捷徑變成灰色的(如最右邊圖),因為主程式已經不見了。



將SD卡或 USB OTG內的App搬移至手機執行:



現在我以SD卡內的付費App – Good Reader Pro為例子,點擊後選擇安裝。


這時候不要選擇 SD 作為連結來源,而是改選擇安裝在內部ROM,因為我是要把程式搬移回到手機上執行,不是在SD卡上。





重啟後卸除掉SD卡裝置,這時App已經安裝在手機上了,在系統桌面上就可以看到並且直接執行Good Reader Pro,執行起來就跟平常從Play商店下載的一樣沒什麼不同。







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1.以OTG內的Candy Crush為例,點擊 “安裝“。

2.接著點擊 “ROM“,即可將App搬移至手機內部儲存空間。


4.重啟後卸除OTG裝置,可在系統桌面直接執行Candy Crush。

The User Guide About LetsGoApp(App to SD or USB OTG) for English

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2019 Personal Cloud

LetsGoApp User Guide



App to SD or USB OTG (External storage can also be an internal storage)

This idea from storage shortage and backup.This idea from storage shortage and backup.

You can copy Apps in your device through LetsGoApp to SD or USB.

Then you can move SD card or USB from this device to another device.

You can execute Apps in new device and don’t need to install again.



Support Android 4.4 , and it need fixed SD card write/read permissive(not Android 4.4 skip)






(2)What should I prepare?

Step 1:Creating & Formatting the storage device – MicroSD and OTG.

Step 2:Rooting Android Device.


Step 1:About User Interface.

Step 2:How to use LetsGoApp with the storage device – MicroSD and OTG?

(4)Move APP to the Phone ROM from the MicroSD or OTG.

(5)To Unlink the App’s link from storage device.

(6)About LetsGoApp.

(7)Q & A.




LetsGoApp can execute all the other Apps on OTG and MicroSD(not install). Therefore, it can effectively solve the problem of the shortage of ROM of the portable device and to easy backup your Apps.

The LetsGoApp is an application aimed at solving the shortage of ROM's applications for portable device. It often happens when a portable storage device has been installed a large number of applications in it.

NOTE:According to user choice, there is a Third-Party App for mounting the USB OTG .



(2)What should I prepare?

Preparing a MicroSD or OTG device, you must to create 2 partitions(1st-FAT32、2nd-EXT3) and formating it by EaseUS Partition Master. The partition steps for both MicroSD and OTG are the same.



(B). Right-click on the OTG, and choose “Create partition”.

(C). Setting size 3 ~ 5 GB or more for FAT32 as 1st-partition, and Create as “Primary”.

(D). Setting EXT3 partition for over space, and Create as “Primary”.

(E). Right-click on the EXT3 and choose “Set active” ,then “Apply” it.

(F). Removing the OTG device after the work is finished.




Touching “Install” , then “Smart Install”.

(B)Mounting the OTG's EXT3 by USB OTG Helper (If you use OTG device)

Please download by http://www.letsgoapp.net/?p=241 , then installing USB OTG Helper and mounting with the OTG device. There will be a notice of 2 drives mounted to complete. If it is not. As long as reboot Android Device, and repeat the above steps.


(C)Mounting the MicroSD's EXT3 by LetsGoApp (If you use MicroSD).

LetsGoApp V4.4 can't  mount SD EXT3 patition for less smart phone,please use Link2SD to mount EXT3 patition,We can fix late

1. When use MicroSD, please mount MicroSD second partition – EXT3 through LetsGoApp at first time.



(3)Operating Instructions for LetsGoApp.

This chapter will be explanation run all the other Apps on OTG or MicroSD.
NOTE:Make sure created and format 2 partitions(1st-FAT32、2nd-EXT3) within MicroSD or OTG .




(A)Touching the option “Phone ROM” of Vice-Spinner to show the App’s menu list, and you can choose the target to moving .(For example:Candy Crush Saga)




(C)Pressing Candy Crush Saga again, and “Install” it.
Remind!This step is linking App to Android Device, not copy App to phone ROM.


(D)Touch the button “Cancel” to retune to step(A), to move the other Apps if you have needs. After all of the moving work is finished, and then touching the option “Quick Reboot” to rebooting by Menu button.


(E)After rebooting, (Fig.1、2) the application “Candy Crush Sage” can be run by LetsGoApp and Android Desktop. Conversely, (Fig.3) when the OTG device is not mounted, there is only unlinked icon to show within Android Application Manager.



(4)Move APP to the Phone ROM from the MicroSD or OTG.

LetsGoApp can move your App to the MicroSD and OTG execution from the phone, you can also move from the MicroSD and OTG  to your Phone ROM.

1. Candy Crush within the OTG for example

3. After finished, quick restart once.

4. When quick restart complete, unmount the OTG device and then executing Candy Crush through desktop.


(5)To Unlink the App’s link from MicroSD or OTG.

Actually, maybe there are many storage devices, and then sometimes must to be replace. Therefor, the replacement behavior perhaps cause the application update fails or recognition errors.


(A)Pressing Menu button to show the menu list, and then release link from storage device.


(B)Pressing the option "OK" will unlink for APK.



(6)About LetsGoApp.


Update date:12. 31. 2015

Release date:07. 01. 2014

Content Rating:All

Support Android 4.1.X~5.1 

HTC bufferfly、SONY Z 、ZL、MI2X、MI3X、IAOMI – Redmi、 Sumsung S2 、S3、S4、Note2、HUAWEI honor 3C 3G/A6S(MT6582)

Support Android 4.4 , and it need fixed SD card write/read permissive(not Android 4.4 skip)




(7)Q & A.


Q:What the Android's version has supported, and portable device brand can be supported by LetsGoApp?

A:For now, LetsGoApp stable supported for Android v4.1.x ~ 5.1, and continuing to support for all class.

Q:What is internal ROM and portable storage device?

A:The ROM is an storage capacity within portable device, that has limited by Manufacturer's specifications. The portable storage device is MicroSD and USB On-The-Go.

Q:Before run LetsGoApp, should I have to install the Third-Party application first?

A:Exactly, and must to downloading USB OTG Helper from LetsGoApp official web.

Q:How to Rooting for portable device?

A:Please go website and google to see how to rooting your own portable device.

HTC's device need S-OFF. Samsung S4 use OTG for Android 4.3↑, You need close KNOX .

Android 4.4 need fixed SD card write/read permissive

Q:About MicroSD and OTG's specifications, whether there is limited?

A:User can choose capacity and brand

Q:The OTG's temperature is always high. Is this is correct?

A:Yes. It's useable.

Q:No the other methods to solve?

A:Actually, there is suggestion for this problem. You can use SanDisk's MicroSD for storage device.

Q:How to solve  of USB OTG Helper to mounting with only one drive?

e other way, you can  press "mount" twice or let the portable device reboot, and try again.

Q:Can I hold the portable storage device use for mobile phone for more than one?

A:Yes. This is the concept of LetsGoApp.

Q:How can I plan the space of partitions?Can I still storing private data into the partition FAT32?

A:YES. For example:Photos、Videos、or be Storage Disk to use for PC, and then storing for all of your private data. As for partition-EXT3, it is to store for applications. Anyway, space size with personal preferences.

Q:Can I still update within portable device from Google Play Store?

A:Yes. But the portable storage need has been mount.

Q:Reading a lot of above for user guide, I confused still. What is the point of LetsGoApp?

A:In fact, every day we have to face a lot of data. These including photos、videos、music and the increasingly entertainment features of Apps. What the better solve method is a important problem, wherein is LetGoApp lets you develop a personalized storage device, and then run with it, that just like as a portable Cloud.

Q:About "LetsGoApp", it is look like as Link2SD.

A:Yes, but not almost for all. For example with MicroSD:The program only run App by Link2SD from the single portable device. If there are more than one with mobile phone, that is not allowed to share of the applications with each other. But now, LetsGoApp was already to solve this problem.





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(C):安裝BusyBox APP(PLAY商店)、USB OTG Helper

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至Play商店依序安裝BusyBOX、USB OTG Helper,其中尤以BusyBOX為必需安裝,安裝是否完成可檢視/system/xbin路徑下檔案是否超過4個以上,如HTC未S-OFF時,/system/xbin路徑下檔案會自動被刪除,而另外兩種則是依使用者選擇要使用MicroSD卡或USB OTG來決定是否需要安裝,使用MicroSD卡用LetsGoApp內建功能即可、OTG則安裝USB OTG Helper,建議都安裝以求方便。

注意: 基於完美使用LetsGoApp,請安裝由我們提供的 USB OTG Helper來作為使用,不要使用Google Play商店所提供之下載。 USB OTG Helper為原開發作者所提供之開源軟體,本團隊已知會原開發者下針對LetsGoApp而略作修正並使用,所有版權皆屬原開發者所有。
USB OTG Helper下載地址:http://www.letsgoapp.net/?p=241

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